Starting a new business has lots of growing pains. Our biggest pain is how to not work ourselves to death.   In truth we have more then one business #1 We are farmers getting to the barn twice a day to milk, feed and care for our sweet critters. #2 I think would be the milk processing which include pasteurizing milk then either turning into cheese or bottling it for sale. #3 we also do our own deliveries. #4 Markets which is fun getting us out to talk to other adults, yet very time consuming. #5 book keeping, ordering and marketing.  You can see by my blog what comes dead last..  As I milk the cows and goats I think of so many funny and informational things to write on here.  Then I either can not get on the internet with our country connection or I can not think of one thing to say.

I can post pictures from my phone while I do my chores so my facebook holds lots of great farm photos. Right now I am trying to access my facebook to save pictures from there to post here it is not loading..  So tomorrow is a new day, I bid you all a good night!!

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