Beside running the business we are trying to get a lot of extra jobs done. I am happy to say all the Teacup Farm pets will eat well this winter. We successfully got in the first cutting of hay.  Tim and I alone bales it all, done in three sections so not to hurt ourselves.  The extension on the barn for the cows comfort will happen soon.  We actually hired out for that which is something we never do.  Tim has added a air line so we can now milk 2 cows and the goats all at the same time!!  Say wow!!  Helps to make chores a bit faster.  We are hoping to tear off the roof of the south north end of the barn soon and replace that to save that part of the barn.  Life has bee very good and finally this week we have some summer heat. Need to warm the bones to survive the winter here in NY.   We are taking a family weekend this weekend 7-10 to 7-13. Thank you for your patients. We will return to Olcott and Lockport markets next weekend. Friday 7-17 and Saturday 7-18

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