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Why Our Milk Is The Best...

Our milk is low temperature pasteurized or batch pasteurized at 145 degrees for 30 minutes in order to preserve as many of the natural enzymes and nutrients as possible, while still meeting the NYS requirements for milk sold at retail outlets.  These nutrients and enzymes are crucial for proper digestion and good health.

Standard pasteurization methods utilize high heat for short periods of time.  While this method effectively kills the bacteria it also kills all of the beneficial enzymes as well.  Some milk is even ultra-pasteurized, to us that is dead milk.

Our milk is NOT homogenized so the cream rises to the top.

And we never add preservatives or additives to our milk, or cheese.


It’s all natural just like nature intended.

From Our Jersey Cows

NaLisa, Wendy, Betty, Curella, Echo, Lillie, Doty

Upcoming Ladies – Brownie, Cupcake & Christmas Lizzie

Available Year Round

Raw Milk

Shareholder: $9 per gallon           Non-Member: $10 per gallon

CreamLine Milk – Low Temperature Pasteurized

We bring our milk to 145° gently and keep it there for 30 minutes.  Then cool the milk quickly to keep the wonderful flavor.

 BPA Free Plastic Jug – $1

Cheese Curds

A fun snack cheese that can also be added to soups or salads. Our cheese curds are softer than traditional curds.  We have been told they are great on Poutine.  Melt them on a steak or burger for a healthier real cheese, less salt option over American Cheese. Or just pop one in your mouth for a delicious snack!

Plain – $7 per 7 oz.

Flavored – $6 per 6 oz.


A tasty thinner CreamLine yogurt.

Plain $4 per Quart

Maple $6 per Quart


Creamy goodness

$8 for 8oz

From Our Lamancha Goats

Play-doe, Lee-lee, Kania, Satin, Gale, Miracle,

Big Mamma, Glady, Charlee, Noel

Available March through August

At Teacup Farm we strive for quality not quantity.  We never skim any cream off our milk.  Goat milk has extremely small fat globules and is “naturally homogenized”.  It takes a while for the cream to rise to the top of the bottle, it at all!  This makes our milk , not only great tasting but also, easily digested.

Raw Milk

Shareholder: $9 per gallon           Non-Member: $12 per gallon

CreamLine Milk – Low Temperature Pasteurized – Prepaid Only

We bring our milk to 145° gently and keep it there for 30 minutes.  Then cool the milk quickly to keep the wonderful flavor.

 BPA Free Plastic Jug – $1.00



We make our chevre in small batches and strain less whey out for a creamier texture.  Chevre is a great spread on crackers or bagels.  It can be made into a dip or sweetened to make a frosting.  You’ll love Chevre crumbled on salads and pizza. Plain – $5 per 6 oz. Flavored – $5 per 6 oz.


We make a slightly less salty version of Feta and have received great reviews from our customers. We love to have scrambled eggs with Feta.  Top your salad with Feta, our favorite is lettuce, strawberries and Feta.  Or how about chicken, tomatoes and Feta for dinner! $5 per 5 oz.

Milk Storage & Handling

All types of milk are considered a highly perishable item and extreme care should be taken when handled. We give our pasteurized milk a 12 day best by date, although if handled correctly, should last longer than this. Our Raw milk has been known to keep even longer if kept very cold it lasts 3 weeks or more. -Store milk between 32º and 38º -Avoid heat shock, do not leave milk out for a prolonged period of time -The shelf life of milk is shortened by a full 50% for every five degree rise in temperature over 38º. -Average shelf life at 38º is 10 – 14 days -Do not store milk on your refrigerator door- every time you open the door, the milk is exposed to higher temp’s resulting in a shorter shelf life

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