Farm life is a bit slower for a few weeks. We have 3 cows due in December Doty, Lillie and Wendy. Lets hope one has a girl.  Thinking all the goats are bred for February will be a busy fun month.  We have been brain storming trying to come up with other things to sell so we can survive farm life is a many irons type of occupation.  We do not want to get rich we just want to keep our farm pay our bills and share our love of real food with others. Tim is still enjoying seeing people out at the NT Saturday market, and we thank you all very much. This is the last week for Cherve, looks like another week or so of the goat feta. We just made a fresh batch of cheese curds.

Anyone looking for a whole pig We will have one for sale whole or half this March.


I leave with you a picture: We will have raw cream at the farm this weekend. 11-15-15

$5 a quart


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