Come down and see me!!

Tomorrow Liz will be at the Lockport Farmers Market. Very beautiful setting for a market. We have lots of eggs, milk, feta, cheese curds and a bit of Chevre. Some fudge and Amy just made some really cool head bands I have those for sale also.

SUNDAY- 8-2-2015

Appointment only, We will be taking our camper to fair by 11am. If you are wanting raw milk or something from the farm I fit you in when I am home. Call me at 716-807-2963. I like to go with the family and set our camper up.

OMG a post.

Sorry no post last week we had a lot of work to get done. Every time I sat down the internet was not working well. So here is some pictures from last week. We had a addition built for the cow for the winter. Something that does not need to be hand cleaned. I love the...

A new addition

If you have been out to the farm you have seen we are working on a addition to the back of the barn. After last winter we decided the most important thing we could do for our cows is give them more room for winter 2015-2016. After trying a few different ways we...

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